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Stop Workers’ Comp fraud before it stops you.

Soaring Workers’ Comp costs have reached new highs with no end in sight. Companies downsizing or ceasing regional operations are prime targets for fraud, pushing them even deeper into debt. A significant increase in the benefit schedule for injured employees will further impact the frequency of the number of fraudulent or exaggerated claims submitted by dishonest employees. California employers are expected to see triple digit increases in premium costs or reserves within the year. Now more then ever is the time to put a comprehensive fraud abatement program in place. Employers, Insurance Companies and TPA’s need to partner and create a culture of prevention, accountability and integrity within the work force. Partnering with Argus West will reduce claim costs by exposing fraudulent and malingering claims while legitimizing those that are accurately reported.

Argus West can provide tenured staff to conduct AOE/COE investigations including statement taking, photographs and records research to determine compensability and potential subrogation early in the claim. When an articulable suspicion of potential fraud exists, our surveillance team can determine the activity level of the claimant and capture video evidence of physical movement inconsistent with their alleged injuries. Pro-grade digital video equipment is used to document and archive evidence. Our investigators routinely testify at the WCAB and Federal Courts. They are able to handle tough cross-examination and professionally interface with attorneys and physicians during trial or deposition.

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