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  • Written/Recorded Statements
  • Security Consultations
  • Surveillance
  • Business Profiles
  • Court Indices
  • Investigations Subject/Witness Locates
  • Photography & Video
  • Expert Testimony
  • Asset and Data Searches
  • Female Investigators Available

Information empowers, and this is precisely what Argus West will do for your legal team or client. Experienced in a wide array of complex investigative matters, they are prepared to respond to the challenges brought forth by today’s litigious society.

Partnering only with the legal representatives of major corporations and insurance firms, they understand the criticality of accurate, detailed and deadline driven reporting. From initial scene investigation and interviews to expert testimony, Argus West will provide the service you need to obtain the information vital to your success. Minimizing losses, ensuring sound business decisions, preserving intellectual property rights, protecting corporate reputations and collecting evidence for successful litigation are all part of their repertoire. Skilled in multi-disciplined investigative techniques, their staff is available to conduct extended surveillance operations, locate and interview witnesses and effected parties, obtain photographic/video evidence, prepare scene diagrams and conduct database and onsite legal research.

Sensitive investigations involving claims of racial or sexual harassment, death or severe bodily injury require not only experienced staff, but also one that is compassionate while obtaining and reporting facts impartially. It is understood that they represent your company or client and will always remain professional in deportment and appearance during field investigations and in court. The goal of Argus West is to form a partnership with their clients through quality work, integrity and trust. Investigations are always performed legally and with the highest ethics.

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