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  • Clinic Inspections
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  • Lien Consolidations
  • MPN Oversight
  • Billing Anomalies
  • Exposure Mitigation

Argus West is an industry leading SIU with experience no other investigative firm can offer. 

While other firms like ours have the ability to do claimant and premium fraud, none can compare to the provider fraud results and experience of Argus West SIU. Argus West SIU is a leader in provider fraud when it comes to bulk settlements, lien consolidations, criminal and civil complaints. Our experience has saved tens of millions of dollars in abusive and fraudulent billing by various providers. We have been at the forefront of many of the criminal investigations you may see in the news today. Our goal in provider fraud is to stop the abusive and fraudulent billing without having to wait for law enforcement to act years later. While other firms may try and look at billing issues and send a referral to law enforcement, their experience beyond that is non-existent. Our experience and resources can get results, often bringing a provider to the negotiation table and walking away from their outstanding liens/bills.

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