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Searching Larger Geographical Areas Than The Others

  • Analytical identification of each facility to call
  • Reader Friendly Reports
  • Larger Radius Searches
  • Uncover pre-existing injuries
  • Find injuries that may not have been work related

Because we do medical canvass searches in-house, Argus West literally goes the extra mile. Our investigators understand what facilities are likely to produce the best results for identifying additional medical records relevant to the type of claim at hand. Our valuable clients deserve the best service and expanding the geographical area in which we search compared to others, is just good business. Lastly, our medical canvass reports are reader friendly allowing our clients quick identification on which facilities to request medical records.

Medical Canvass searches have proved to be helpful to claims examiners in identifying potential fraudulent claims. Many times, claims are reported on a Monday morning and it turns out no one witnessed the specific injury. This type of scenario is typically a “red flag” and a medical canvass can
be a good source to determine if the claimant visited a local emergency clinic or hospital recently.

The medical canvass will typically produce locations of treatment, when the claimant visited the location and how to obtain their records. These dates of treatment will provide further information for the claims examiner to act upon. It will help determine if the claimant is being truthful in their statements about prior treatment and the date of injury in question.

Our searches include medical clinics, hospitals, pharmacy locations, chiropractic clinics, physicians and imaging locations. A thorough medical canvass for our clients has been proven to be valuable in reducing overall claims costs when a suspect claim reveals applicable apportionment or even fraud.

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